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DalcrozeNYC methodology is built upon strong foundations and applicable tools, so classes are designed to be taken in order.  Remember, rhythm is timing, and timing is everything!
  • Currently, we​ offer 4 concentrations or courses of study each specifically tailored for corporate groups, educational groups and, performing arts groups, and senior classes.  


  • If you have specific requests you can contact us for a consultation.  Leslie can customize your classes to your team's needs.  

  1. CORPORATE:  Whether part of a retreat or a shorter session during a work day, DalcrozeNYC provides an experience that will create new pathways in each participant's way of thinking and new connections between team members. 

  2. EDUCATIONAL:  Faculty and administrators alike will enhance and renew both their creative impulses and understanding of teamwork by taking part in DalcrozeNYC classes.  It will give them an "outside of the box" view that applies to teaching and administration alike.  In addition, learning DalcrozeNYC exercises to utilize in classrooms for students of all ages is excellent as part of a school's Anti Bullying initiative.

  3. ACTORS, DANCERS, INSTRUMENTALISTS, AND SINGERS who perform will benefit. Classes can be designed to meet the needs of any of these disciplines including performing a.

  4. SENIOR CITIZENS:  Research has shown Senior Citizens participating in Eurhythmics classes have better balance and experience fewer falls.  Leslie has extensive experience working with Senior communities using Eurhythmics.  Within the DalcrozeNYC curriculum is a Senior class customized to accommodate the issues that affect this dynamic community.  (Click on Classes for Senior drop down to find more information on these exciting classes.)




  • Customized Eurhythmics class that opens channels of thought to achieve new pathways for creativity and productivity.

  • Participants engage in cooperative group Dalcroze Eurhythmics activities based on music of various styles, from Bach to the Beatles and Dave Brubeck.  

  • Natural everyday movement is used.


  • Following the introduction to movement in "Exploring the Room" movement improvisation is incorporated into the work.

  • Creative collaborations bring groups together as they interact to interpret music.  

  • No prior musical knowledge is required.


  • As participants learn to move in sync with music, adding tennis balls presents new challenges.

  • Ultimately, the groups are working together in quite intricate ways, improving timing and cooperation.


  • Skills gained in basic movement, movement improvisation, and use of balls allow people in this class to progress to more sophisticated musical styles.

  • Dancers, music groups, and all performing arts organizations in particular will want to progress to this level of skill and cooperation.



Eurhythmics classes use movement, gestures, and props for individual, partner, and larger group activities with a variety of musical styles to develop team building.  The classes also work participants' brains, much like juggling.  Some of the activities use balls and could be entitled "group juggling" which is a powerful team builder. 

 Note: Classes are offered in person with limited virtual options.

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