"It takes a long time to become young."     -Pablo Picasso

Seniors in DalcrozeNYC Eurhythmics classes had the following observations and reactions.

Eurhythmics stimulates our brains.

"After one 8 week Eurhythmics class with Leslie Upchurch I can remember things, like phone numbers, better."  Diane

After a couple of brain surgeries one student taking the class said "I notice a positive difference in my brain functioning after class". 


Eurhythmics improves balance.

"My yoga teacher noticed I had improved my balance when I returned to class following a break of a few weeks."

Noa, Eurhythmics student; Deborah, yoga instructor. 

Eurhythmics improves physical ease.

"I came to class aching and I was not aching after class!" Barbara

A student struggling with their physical gait noticed that the music and movement in this class helped them not to "stall" when they walk.

Eurhythmics improves reaction time.


"I was standing in my kitchen, suddenly something fell from a shelf above me and without looking at it I caught it!  I attribute this to my Eurhythmics class training." Noa

Eurhythmics is uplifting.

"I notice I am in a better mood after class."  Sue

Eurhythmics is fun!

"This Eurhythmics class is helping me to have fun and relive parts of my childhood. And, it is never too late to have a happy childhood."  Betsy